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      • To establish a traditional annual sporting event for Serbs in North America
      • To promote the game of soccer among Serbian athletes
      • To bring Serbian people from different Serbian communities together
      • To enhance and promote the Serbian name across North America
      • To financially help the hosting team
      • To introduce new Serbian communities to visiting clubs
      • To expand the athletic competition to other disciplines


1. The Labor Day weekend is the designated official date for this traditional Event. The newly elected host must receive permission to change the date to a more convenient time with the approval of the representatives at the Annual meeting.
2. The minimum number of teams for competition in order to carry the official annual event name is 10 teams in the open division.
3. The host for the next tournament is elected at the meeting of representatives during the annual tournament based in the following conditions:
a) Ability to host the tournament (fields, hall, community support etc.)
b) Tournament Geographical Rotation as follows: East-Mid West-West- Midwest- East
c) Past support of the North American Tournaments.
d) Stability/existence of the club teams.
e) There are no past participants that did not have a turn in sponsoring the tournament.
f) Total number of consecutive years participated in the tournament as a tie breaker.
g) If a – e are the same then host applications are voted by the representatives of the participating clubs that are eligible with two consecutive participations.
4. Every club that joins the competition at one point is entitled to host the tournament.
5. Tournament benefits (passes, banquet tickets etc.) are limited to 20 persons per team (not club).
6. Format of the tournament should be established with considerations to some teams that might have to travel a longer distance or have other previous commitments.
Suggested format:
Friday – welcome party and registration of teams if necessary games could be played to ease the competition schedule.
Saturday – opening ceremonies with all three national anthems in the following order: host country, visiting country and Serbian “Boze Pravde” (no clapping for national anthems)
– qualifying games
– banquet
Sunday – final games (feature game optional: children, old members etc.)
– award presentation
– farewell dance (optional)


1. Must apply at the Annual meeting of the Representatives with their request, special reason, concept, ability, limitations etc. and obtain the approval.
2. Club wishing to host next year tournament must deposit US $1,000 at the time of confirmation. This money will be returned back at the end of their successful tournament.
3. Must prepare agenda for the Annual Meeting of the Representatives.
Agenda to include:
– reading of any mail addressed to the Meeting of the Representatives
– new issues or experiences from the tournament
– election of the new host
– financial report regarding fees and the return of deposits.
Minutes of the meeting are to be published after each meeting to document activities for the future references.
4. Host team must provide free banquet meal for participating teams (20 per team).
5. All participants must be provided with name tag passes for all events.
6. All events and name of participants should be documented through the souvenir booklet to be issued and distributed before the event.
Suggested format:
– Day/time activity schedule
– Map to the city with indication of all pertinent places
– Games schedule
– Soccer fields location(s) and identification
– Short team history and membership list for each participating club
7. Hosting team to organize and conduct meeting of the representatives.
8. All pertinent information regarding the tournament must be submitted to all potential participants on three separate occasions as well as through newspapers that have shown support for Serbian events (American Srbobran), Voice of Canadian Serbs etc.)
a) Announcing the tournament with any information that is available at that time and appropriate application forms.
b) Reporting the tentative number of teams, accommodations, transportation, local laws and regulations, tentative schedule etc.
c) Completed details regarding hourly schedule, program book, food and beverages availability etc.).
9. Hosting Club must provide courtesy hotel room for SNASA coordinator (three nights).
10. Host club to provide site field representative.
11. Host to supply Ambulance Volunteer Service at the main headquarters recommended.


1. Each team is allowed maximum of 3 guest (non-Serbian) players on the club registration roster.
2. Clubs are allowed unlimited Serbian guest players providing that they carry insurance liability.
3. Players must carry their documentation supporting his Serbian Name and age requirement if requested.
4. No selection side should compete officially against Club’s side.
5. Veterans will have three divisions. One for players who are over 30 years old (none under 30), one division for players over 40 years old (none under 40) and one for division over 50 years old (non under 50).
6. List of club members must be submitted with the enrollment forms before the deadline.
7. Non-Serbian players and Serbian players with non-Serbian last names must be identified (if challenged, local parish priest’s written form to be supplied).
8. Player on open team roster, over 30, over 40 and over 50 can only play for his clubs teams providing he fulfills age requirement prior to the start of the tournament. (Player can only play within its own club teams)
9. Visiting teams must inform host regarding the number of supporters, family members etc. that will accompany club for the banquet.
10. Serbian clubs/teams from other continents or Serbian fatherland are encouraged and welcomed to compete under same rules.
11. Visiting teams must deposit $1000 as a guarantee against the last minute cancellation. The deposit will be returned at the meeting of the club representatives.
12. Each team must deposit $150.00 US non refundable entrance fee.


1. Game sheets must be field and received by the referee before the start of the game.
2. Each game is played 2×20 minutes with up to 5 minutes optional break.
3. In the case of a tie in regulation time, for the semifinal and final games, the winner will be decided by penalty kicks.
4. Home team is listed as the first team name in the schedule. Home team must change in case of color conflict with uniforms.
5. All uniforms must be identified by the appropriate number from 1 to 20.
6. A game is/will be considered forfeited if a team is more than 15 minutes late. The team on the field will be awarded 3:0.
7. All teams must play their last preliminary game to advance to the play-off round unless authorize by the coordinator. All their previous games will be forfeited with the score of 3:0 in favor of all their opponents.
8. All teams that leave the tournament without playing all their preliminary games and without proper authorization will forfeit all their previous games with the score of 3:0 in favor of all their opponents and will forfeit their guarantee bond.
9. A minimum of 7 players are required to start the game.
10. A game ball must be provided by the home team and approved by the referee.
11. Each team is required to furnish a linesman to support referee during the game. This is not required if a two referee system is used. Final games to include two referees.
12. Red card players will be disqualified for the next game. For severe incidents the host/organizer and disciplinary committee will have a right to disqualify a player for the entire tournament.
13. Disciplinary committee will be selected from four clubs with the most continues tournament support and chaired by the SNASA coordinator.
14. Standing in each group (if group system used) will be determined by 3 points for a win, one point for a tie and no points for a loss. In the case of a tie, the standing in each group will be decided as follows:
i) Game result between tied teams.
ii) The most difference between goals scored and goals allowed ( +/- )
iii) Most goals scored in a group
iv) Least number of goals allowed in a group
v) Penalty shots at the end of Saturday games if teams are still tied.
vi) If there are more than two tied teams then team with the least goal difference is out and remaining two teams back to i) to v).
Only game scores between tied teams count first following the rest if it doesn’t produce a team with the least goal difference.
15. All referee decisions will be final.
16. All final games will be played with offside rules. All qualifying games without offside rules.
17. All teams must obtain a travel permit from their concerning League Board.
18. All team members must be covered by medical liability insurance.
19. It is imperative that “the best” team has statistically a good chance to prove that it is the Champion. Competition schedule depends on number of participating teams and number of games that could be played in one day (four). Preliminary, qualifying round competition should be organized by groups.
20. No more than 4 games a day should be played.
21. In the case of a storm with lightning the game will be decided by penalty kicks.
22. Semi-final games are limited to 2×30 minutes with 5 minutes optional break.
23. Final games are limited to 2×35 minutes with 15 minutes optional break.
24. Teams will be ranked based on previous year performance i.e. Champion to Division A” Runner up Division “B” and semi-finalists Divisions “C” and “D”
25. Play-off Format as follows:
(a) First and Second place teams in each division will advance.
(b) First and Second place teams cannot play each other until finals.
(c) First place teams of Division “A “and Division “B” cannot play each other until finals.
26. Final Tournament Format has to be approved by the SNASA Coordinator.


      • Only one representative per club (not team) is allowed to vote. Participation at the meeting should be reduced to two in order to make meetings more productive.
      •  First year clubs are not allowed to vote.
      • Second consecutive year clubs are allowed to vote.
      • Third consecutive year clubs are allowed to enter the host tournament application.
      • If the club misses consecutive participations then the club goes back to first year status however, total number of the previous tournament participations is recorded until the club goes back and participates in the tournament for two consecutive years.
      • Clubs must consist of the open division team and must provide documentation supporting their open division team affiliation with their state or province.
      • Clubs with additional teams (open B team, over 30, over 40, over 50) is allowed one vote.
      • Recreational teams are welcome to participate providing they carry liability insurance and fulfill their obligation in advance of a tournament but they don’t have a vote.
      • Club representatives must provide names for both meeting participants with address (zip/postal code included), phone numbers (home/work/fax).
      • Each club must elect at their Annual meeting of the membership one representative who will be Club’s contact for the forthcoming year. All correspondence and phone calls will be directed to that person.
      • A summary of all teams and records must be published every year after the tournament with the minutes of the meeting of the representatives.
      • Awards should be provided to the first two teams in each division.
      • First place trophies should be transferable from one winner to the next (kept for one year only).
      • Each participating team must receive a plaque, flag or some kind of acknowledgment as a participant.


As decided at the last 2012 Tournament meeting in NJ, to prevent any disputes, 2013 Tournament Organizers will have representative at all fields to check all teams documentation as requested by teams. Any player late for the game must first report to the Organizer’s representative before entering the game.


08/2011 Phoenix

09/2009 Cleveland

09/2007 Vancouver

09/2004 Milwaukee

09/2003 Cleveland

09/2003/2001 Patterson

09/2001/1998 Hamilton

08/30/1997 Mesa

09/01/1996 Chicago

05/27/1995 Cleveland